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great app

no complaints othar than frequent crashing on MacOS siera.


Super helpful program, saves my hand from writing out hundreds of cue cards.


It seems like it has a great idea, but I cant even type out a full flash card without the app crashing. Usually erasng everything I have written, once this is fixed it will get 5 stars for sure !


Was very impressed with this application at first. Increased my study efficency like nothing else, a University lifesaver. However, with the new Sierra Update, this app constantly crashes, I can hardly make it through one or two cards without it crashing. Five stars if they fix this.

Great App

So great that I purchased it for my phone and twice (so now have two copies on my computer. (I went to use it, it wasn’t there tried to download another copy had to buy it again). Despite having to purchase it twice it is an incredible app. I love studying with it. I find it much easier to use than other similar apps (which I have also purchased). Very happy to have this tool.

An Excellent tool for studying!

This is a very useful app. Its creators should be rewarded with at least an Essential award from the App store. Its intuitive design is easy to use quickly and it works seamlessly well with iCloud and my iPhone. I only wish I started using this app long ago in Grad School; flashcards are an effective, but often forgotten tool for getting a lot of information organized inside one’s head very quickly. Well Done!

Nice! just missing one thing!

This app is so beautiful and helpful! just one thing is missing, please please please add auto schedualing, this is a very critical feature missing. nice job!

Great App tool for studying!

I found this to be a very affective app and very happy with how easy it is to use. I have always learned best by the use of flash cards, but have always found it exhausting and time consuming to create them. I used this app to prepare for a Clinical Chemistry class I’m taking. I did very well on the test and I attribute some of that success to this app.

Awesome for Grad School!

Definitely worth it to pay for the full version! It’s currently helping me study for my comprehensive exams.

Works well, syncs well

This app does all I’d expect from a flash card app. You can insert images into the answers. In addition to studying the material as flash cards it can create multiple choice tests. You can import and export in several formats and from at least two websites. It syncs well with the iOS app for studying on the go.

Great App

This App is really nice I just would like to be able to slightly edit pictures such as to rotate draw on and crop once they are on the flashcard. Other than that this app helps so much

Really Good

The only reason I gave this app 4 stars instead of 5 is because it lacks the option to print in actual flash cards. The only way to print them is in regular US letter paper instead of having the option to print on A6 or other types of flash card sizes. Other than that, great app!

Getting better with time!

As a medical student, I am all about efficiency and practicality. Initially I was somewhat disappointed with the application. It was not as intuitive as I hoped, but I kept toying around with it and find it quire useful. After several weeks, I am 100% satisfied with it. One of my initial frustrations with the product was from the autocorrect feature, but that can be disabled. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone and it beats keeping up with multiple decks of paper flash cards.

Very helpful note card app

It has been helpful for me during my last year of undergraduate Biology. Obviously doesnt work for all subjects in Biology but for straight forward definitions and concepts, this app is very helpful!! Worth it.

Good app

Good app but there is plenty of room for improvement. The developper assured us that there is more to come. So far so good!

Wish I had known about this app in college

Awesome application! I have no complaints as of yet. It does everything I need it to. I am using the application to teach myself japanese :D


Currently cramming for a test, needed a cheaper alternative to Quizlet and I found this!! The full version allows image uploads which is great. :) This app is fully functional and has a very easy interface.

No font selection?!

While all the basics are here, I am baffled by a flashcard program for the Mac that lacks the capability to assign a font style to the text in the card. What about all the languages that require/offer custom fonts? Font selection and assignment is a core component of the MacOS. Why not include it—or alert potential buyers this basic feature doesn’t exist?

Great, wish I found it earlier

reallly works quite well, I bought the Mac (OSX) and iOS versions and syncing works perfect it even syncs your progress learning and not just your flashcards. One very minor suggestion is that imo it repeates cards too soon regardless of whether you choose “repeat soon” or repeat later” (which I think is “Hard” and “not sure” on the iOS version), Again though it works awesome nice polished interface:). I highly recommend importing spreadsheets (CSV) if you want to make lots of cards quickly.

Worth the $8

This app helped me through graduate school and is still helping me in my career. It syncs great with iCloud on all my devices and has great built in tools to keeps decks organized. 5/5

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